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  1. RB says:

    Please add my name to your email newsletter list. Thanks!

    • Hello Roger,
      Thank you for your request. Our newsletter service is not entered by our staff. Please enter your email address in the registration box and it will add you to our list.
      Barb Ficarello

  2. Howard Reeves says:

    When will this years tax bill be available to view on line

  3. Sam Racette says:

    I have not received my tax bill. My PI# is [REDACTED]. Address: [REDACTED]. Also, I receive a “property taxes on this property have been sold for nonpayment” notice. Can please explain this matter?
    Thank you

    • Mr. Racette,

      We recommend that you contact the Will County Clerk’s Redemption Department at 815-740-4619. They can better assist you in this matter.

      Brian McDaniel

  4. Mike Caraynoff says:

    Now that I have the fee to pay my taxes with Discover, how do I accomplish that? The website only gives you the Visa or Mastercard option.

    • Dear Mr. Caraynoff,
      You are not able to pay with your Discover card on-line. However, you can go to our website: click on “I Need To” then a list will drop down, click on “Find A Form” and then within that list you will find the Discover Card form. You can print it out, read the instructions, fill it out, and send it in to us. Thank you. If you have any questions, you can call me directly at 815-774-7469.
      Barb Ficarello


  6. Aileen Cotter says:

    Would like copy of Daughters Tax Bill

    pin no. 04-10-08-152-023-0000 Marsha Simotes 23948 Countryside Dr. Minooka, Il Tried website and does not complete info.
    Thanks Aileen Cotter

  7. Joanne Slonski says:

    What are the names of the 100 banks where you can pay your taxes????

    • Joanne,

      At the top of the website, you will see a menu bar. The third item from the left is entitled Banks. Click on that button to see the list of locations.

  8. Margaret Reynolds says:

    I paid my property tax bill using eCheck on 5/18/17 but the website timed out before I was able to print out my receipt.

    How do I go about printing out my receipt please?

    Property # 19-02-03-102-015-0000

    Thank You

  9. Patricia says:

    How can i print a copy of my will county property taxes bill?

  10. Patricia says:

    Thank you so much for the quick response.

  11. Margie says:

    If I don’t have my original tax bill, can I print one from the website and mail that with my check?

    Thank you.

  12. Ben says:


    I have a few questions.

    Is there registration required for the tax sale on 9/18?

    Also, this is a deed sale and there is no redemption period, correct?

    Thanks for your help.


    • Ben,

      You are referring to the Annual Tax Auction, not the Tax Sale. They are two separate events. The Tax Auction is in September and you will register the night of the auction.

      There is no redemption for the Tax Auction because the county has deed to the properties. The smallest bid price is $600.

      If you have any questions, please call our office at 815-740-4675.

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