Sometimes we receive duplicate tax payments on the same property.  We will issue a refund when we receive a properly executed affidavit from the person or company who made the duplicate payment.  We will process only an original notarized affidavit.

Duplicate Payment Refund Affidavit

Please complete and submit the Duplicate Payment Refund Affidavit along with one of the following Proofs of Payment:

  • Copy of the front and bank of your canceled check
  • Your monthly bank statement identifying date and amount paid
  • Your original cash receipt for the payment made in person or at a bank
  • Confirmation Number for the wire transfer (Mortgage Company only)
  • Copy of Closing Statement (Title Company only)
  • Copy of bank or credit card statement showing the date the transaction was released

We will not accept modified, incomplete or improperly notarized affidavits.  We will not accept copies or facsimiles of the affidavit.  This is a First Come, First Serve process.  We will honor for refund the first properly executed affidavit.

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