Time to brag on my team. The county issued a bond for the new courthouse last month. We are responsible for investing that money until we pay contractors for their work.

In a normal month, we may invest $20-million. In September, we invested nearly $200-million.

There was a total of 640 transactions to enter, and our monthly activity audit showed 100% accuracy! 100%!

Here is the email our vendor wrote.


Brian (McDaniel) doesn’t play.  He bought securities like crazy to fund the 2016 Bond Proceeds!  That was allot of work that I’m sure he’s pleased to see off his “to do list”.

With that in mind, I’ve just completed the audit of all the activity, and it just has to be said – what an impressive display of quality work completed by Deb and Christine!

Here’s the facts …

207 Security Profiles, 433 transactions = a total of 640 transactional data that was 100% accurate!  Like I said, that’s impressive!  My compliments to you all!



Congratulations to Deb Rathbun, Christine Constien and Brian McDaniel.

Great work, as always.

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