The Will County Treasurer’s Office has received numerous phone calls and emails about a misleading letter being mailed to property owners in the past few days. The letter claims that the public records indicate that the recipient’s property will go to tax auction sale and that the county will take the owner’s home.

The letter is misleading and has been turned over to the Will County Sheriff for investigation.

FACT: In every circumstance to our knowledge, every recipient of this letter has paid their property taxes in full. The county will not sell property taxes on properties that are paid current.

If you would like to confirm your property tax payment, click here.

FACT: The County cannot take your home for unpaid taxes for several years. While forfeiture is an option for unpaid property taxes, it takes many years of unpaid taxes for this to happen. And when it does, the claim comes from the tax buyer not the county.

FACT: The Will County Treasurer’s Office will not call you and demand property tax payments over the phone. Our office does not work with third-party collection agent or companies.

If you receive such a letter or a phone call, please contact our office at 815-740-4675.

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10 Responses to County Auction Scam Alert

  1. Margaret says:

    There is no email form on the contact us page.
    Is it possible to make ongoing monthly payments for property tax?

    • Margaret,

      We checked, and there is a link for email on the Contact Page. There also is a drop-down menu to send us mail.

      As for the question about ongoing monthly payments, yes, you can make partial payments any time. We don’t have a formal, automatic process, so it would be up to you to make sure you pay all of your property taxes before the annual tax sale. If you have questions, please call our office.


  2. neisha says:

    I would like to send in a wire today for property taxes for this is the final day. is this possible and if so, please provide me the wire info.

    Thanks, Neisha

    • Neisha,

      I am sorry. We do not accept wire transfers. Even if we did, wires posted after 3 PM Central Time will not clear before our close of business.


      • neisha says:

        okay, thank you. I am Mountain time so I still have time to send a wire. We have until 3:30 our time. So with that being said, how should I proceed with the payment? The letter states you will not accept a cashiers check even with a postmark of 12/2/14?

        • We do not accept wire transfers for payment. Illinois law requires us to accept only certified funds, and we cannot accept a post mark.

          • neisha says:

            So then it goes to tax sale tomorrow and then I have to follow up later to see who to pay and how much? Sorry for all the questions but would like to get this resolved. Thanks

          • That is correct. If you have questions, please call our office at 815-740-4675. Redemption of sold taxes is a function of the Will County Clerk’s office. They have all of the records and information pertaining to post-sale.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I need a copy of a tax bill from 2004 so I can prove I lived at my previous address. Can I get a copy without going to the county office? I live a great distance away.

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