It has been a long-time practice in our office to charge property owners for a duplicate copy of their real estate tax bill. While the fee is small—only $2 per bill—it always struck me as odd that the county would charge a fee for a duplicate tax bill.

Since there is nothing in state law that says the Treasurer shall charge, I asked my staff to work with the County Board to eliminate the fee. The County Board agreed with us and voted to eliminate the fee for property owners during their November meeting.

As of December 1st, the Will County Treasurer’s Office will not charge for a duplicate tax bill to the registered property owner. Banks, mortgage companies, title companies, and other companies who request a duplicate tax bill, on the other hand, will pay $5 per parcel.

This change makes sense on several levels. We mail tax bills to property owners. If someone misplaces that bill, they should get a copy for free.

Now, in Will County, that is the case.

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