It’s no fun to get a property tax bill. It’s less fun to get four on the same property.

Last week, we discovered that our mail house accidentally printed and mailed about 250 duplicate property tax bills. The reason for the problem? A break down in quality control.

Here is the explanation we received from the printer.

After reviewing the duplicate records, we have come to conclusion that these records were printed multiple times when a laser [printer] restart occurred.

When a laser [printer] backs up in production, it automatically backs the production file a certain amount of records before the cause of the back-up has been addressed and the laser restarts printing. Per our company procedures, the printed bad records are to be flagged and/or the address block marked so that they are removed in the bindery process. Due to operator oversight regarding this procedure, duplicate bills were inadvertently mailed.

Please note that there were no additional postage or production costs incurred to this oversight.

Being a professional auditor for over 25 years, my first instinct was to trust and verify the claim that county taxpayers did not pay for additional postage. Sure enough, we independently verified the claim with the USPS.

If you received a duplicate bill, I apologize. It was a mistake.

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