The other day, I purchased a book of postage stamps from the post office using my credit card. It’s a transaction lots of people make every day. But did you know that the United States Post Office refused to let the county use its credit card to pay for mailings?

Neither did I until last week.

Will County uses a procurement card, much like every major business in America. We receive cash back for every purchase, a tremendous incentive because it reduces the cost of doing business.

In a few weeks, the County will mail property tax bills. Postage will cost about $85,000. For that kind of money, we could write a check…or put it on the procurement card to earn cash back.

Unfortunately, the post office will not accept our card. We must pay by check.

That short-sighted decision and not very customer-friendly, in my opinion.

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One Response to Post Office Won’t Accept County Credit Card

  1. Nick says:

    The way the whole system works is silly. Credit card companies charge merchants 2% and give people 1% cash back? For goodness sakes, just lower the prices by 1% and charge merchants only 1%. I only use one card that’s linked to my checking account, because it makes life so much easier when you don’t have to worry about a gazillion accounts and silly points and cashback rules. It would save you and other businesses and people time, and therefore money too, don’t you think?

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