The Will County Treasurer’s Office received and responded to the following requests for public records under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act during the previous month. You may click to view the request and our response.

This list does not include responses to commonly requested documents such as Unclaimed Cash or Un-cashed Checks because we provide those reports online.

Requestor Response Date Subject
Hope Lumpkins 1/3/2013 Tax Rate Information
Austin Hough 1/11/2013 Mobile Home Owners List
Maria Risch 1/14/2013 Tax Rate Information
Tammi Fisher 1/16/2013 Tax District Contact List
Kristen Schorsch 1/30/2013 Court Orders

Our Freedom of Information Act Policy

It is the policy of the Will County Treasurer to make records available under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, 5 ILCS 140/ et al, whenever the Act permits such disclosures in the public interest.

How to Make a Request

The Will County Treasurer’s Office accepts requests to inspect or copy records via U.S. Mail, courier, email, personal delivery, and fax. You are not required to submit your request on a standard form; however, we have a standard form available for your use. You may make an anonymous request.

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