Will County Treasurer Steve Weber reminds the public that members of the Illinois National Guard or Armed Forces Reserve can extend their property tax payment deadline up to 180 days after returning from active duty. This program is for servicemen and servicewomen called to active duty outside the continental United States and are abroad on property tax due dates.

“I was stunned when we received calls from troops deployed in Afghanistan who were trying to pay their property taxes last week,” said Steve Weber, “They are thousands of miles from family, enduring major hardships, yet they were being honest citizens trying to take care of business back home.”

“My team accepted their payments over the phone and I waived credit card convenience feeds because I believe it was the right thing to do,” Weber said.

“We also explained the active military extension program to them,” Weber added, “We want them to avoid this problem at the second installment due date on September 4th.”

Military Property Tax Extension

According to Illinois Public Act 94-312, an Illinois resident who is a member of the Illinois National Guard or armed forces reserve is not delinquent in paying property taxes if he or she is called to active duty outside the continental United States at the installment due date. The Act also says that the member shall pay no interest or penalty until 180 days after that member returns from active duty.

To apply for the Military Property Tax Extension, the reservist or guardsperson must complete provide a copy of deployment orders from a commanding officer and sign an application.

You can obtain a copy of the form here, or call Treasurer Weber’s office at 815-740-4691.

Website Access from Foreign Locations

Foreign internet service providers regularly block access to websites operated by Will County. The county also blocks foreign access from nations suspected of harboring or promoting banking fraud.

People have used the Treasurer’s tax payment website from 38 different countries since the county mailed property tax bills in May. Based upon the order of page access, the Treasurer’s Office believes people tried to pay taxes from at least seven countries where American Armed Forces are deployed:

  1. Pakistan
  2. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  3. United Arab Emirates
  4. Kuwait
  5. Libya
  6. Qatar
  7. Saudi Arabia

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