Will County Steve Weber announced that his office saved $9,076 by removing one return envelope from the property tax notices as well as not mailing property tax bills to tax-exempt organizations that pay no tax under Illinois law.

16,000 Tax-Exempt Bills

Public spaces in Illinois, such as parks, municipal land, and forest preserve areas, are not taxed. Despite this fact, Will County generates and mails almost 16,000 of these “zero tax” bills every year. Treasurer Weber ended the practice this year, seeing it as wasteful and inefficient.

“It makes no sense to mail a bill with a zero balance,” Weber said, “My staff manually removed 15,993 of these ‘zero’ bills this year, which saved $5,600 in postage alone.”

“We will provide copies of those bills upon request of the taxing districts, but so far, we have received few requests,” Weber added.

One Return Envelope

Will County property owners also may notice one less thing in their tax bill this year: only one return envelope. The decision by Weber was intentional.

“We discovered last year that people use the second envelope less than half of the time,” Weber said, “By not including that one envelope; we use less paper and save $3,500 in printing costs.”

Weber said his office does not have additional envelopes to mail citizens who may request one.

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6 Responses to Weber Saves $9,000 by Not Mailing Tax-Exempt Bills; Second Envelope

  1. Ruth Cavalea Medeiros says:

    So you saved $3500.00 by only sending out one envelope, but I have to pay for that second envelope out of my own pocket. Aren’t my $8000 taxes supposed to cover 2 envelopes? I am already not getting much in return for the outrageous taxes I pay, and now am getting even less. Like I told the assessor last year, again this year, the 2011 market value of my house is ludicrous. If I could get $346,902, I would be long gone, not only from Will County, but from the state of Illinois, you are a bunch of thieves.

  2. Daniel Brubaker says:

    Ruth, your comment about spending $8,000 to cover two envelops is wrong. Look at your bill. My taxes went up because my school district just can’t say “no.” They have too many people in administration, failing performance, and all they can do is throw my money at their incompetence.

    You bought a $350,000 house. Paying $8,000 is a steal.

    I wish my tax rate was just 2%.

  3. Ruth Cavalea Medeiros says:

    Just so you know, I did NOT buy a $350,000 house. That is what they say my house is worth, and it most definitely is NOT!

  4. Ruth Cavalea Medeiros says:

    They real reason they sent only one envelope is obviously because they are hoping we send our entire amount in the first time, thus they can make interest off our early payments.

  5. Donny says:

    I just noticed that I do not have the 2 envelopes when paying my first installment.
    Would they like to come to my house and pick up the September installment themselves? in September.
    Now I’m sending the 2nd installment in a plain white envelope.
    How many will be lost or mis-directed?
    What a bunch of political crap once again from our government.

    • We removed the second envelope because very few people used it, and we saw it as a cost-savings opportunity. Clearly, we underestimated how people would react. We got it wrong, and plan to include a second envelope next year.

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