The Will county Treasurer’s Office has a dual mandate. We are the treasurer for county where we issue checks to pay bills. We also collect taxes for more than 360 individual taxing districts across Will County.

Most people know us for tax collection despite the fact that we have nothing to do with setting rates. We just mail the bill, collect the funds, and distribute them to schools, parks, and villages.

The Collection Process

As you can see, the process is straightforward. Once you pay your tax (either by writing a check or having your mortgage company pay), we record the payment and invest the money for a short amount of time. Every two weeks, we distribute the money we have in our account.

The People Behind the Process

When a citizen enters our office to pay their property tax bill, they work with our cashiers: Theresa, Laura, and Karen. Vicki and Patti help when we are very busy—right around the Due Date.

It takes one to three minutes to process a typical residential transaction. We also have Public Access Computer Terminals if a citizen wants to pay with a credit or debit card online.

Processing the Bank Reports

Although our cashiers process many transactions throughout the year, the banks that participate in our Deputy Tax Collector Program collect the bulk of property tax payments. Jennifer literally accounts for every penny we collect. She also trains our bank partners on our tax collection procedure.

Preparing Bank Deposits

Throughout the day, Heather processes currency, checks and bank drafts through an imaging machine. At the end of this process, Heather creates bank deposits, which we take to an area bank under the protection of a very large, armed sheriff’s deputy.

Investing the Levy

Once we account for a deposit, Brian consolidates the cash into a money market fund to earn interest until we distribute to the taxing districts. We distribute all of the interest we earn, which can be a few extra thousand dollars per taxing district.

Making the Distribution

On Monday before we distribute tax payments, Deb (center) and Irene (right) send all of the bank collection data to our mainframe computer, which calculates precisely which district gets what amount. Irene then “writes the check” in the form of an ACH transfer from our bank account to each taxing district’s account.

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