Will County Treasurer Steve Weber announced today that his office has distributed $26.2-million more in property taxes than at this time last year. As of June 30, 2011, the county has distributed $793.3-million, nearly half, of the total property tax levy.

“The bottom line is that our schools districts received more money at the end of their fiscal year this year than they did last year,” Weber said, “My priority was to make sure schools receive as much as we could distribute so they can begin their new budget year with adequate funding.”

All Illinois school districts end their fiscal year annually on June 30.

“I want to commend my staff on their hard work this year,” added Weber, “I couldn’t ask for a more dedicated group of professionals.  They never took their eye off the ball and are the reason we improved so much this year.  They are an asset to the county, and I am very proud of them.”

Adjusted Comparison

The 2010 Property Tax Levy is 2.5811% larger than in 2009. Adjusting for this difference, the Treasurer’s Office distributed $6.37-million more in real terms than a year ago.

Nominal Calculation

This calculation compares actual year-over-year distribution totals.

Nominal Totals
2009 Levy Distribution $767,118,341.13
2010 Levy Distribution $793,288,306.11



Percentage Change

3.4115 %

Adjusted Calculation


This calculation compares adjusted year-over-year distribution totals.

Adjusted Totals
2009 Levy Distribution (Adjusted) $786,918,400.14
2010 Levy Distribution $793,288,306.11



Percentage Change

0.8095 %

About the Will County Treasurer’s Office


The Will County Treasurer’s Office receives tax revenue and other public money, safely keeps those funds, and disburses that money pursuant to law. The office also provides guidance for the management of long-term debt and investments with the assistance of the Will County Board’s Finance Committee and the County’s Director of Finance.

As County Treasurer, Steve Weber, CPA (R-Mokena) is dedicated to providing reliable banking services for county agencies, secure investment of your tax dollars, and trustworthy accounting services that provide transparency for county residents. The office has a professional staff of 21 employees.

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